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Local Events

Sorry we haven't done much lately, except work.  Hopefully, I will get to do more fun stuff soon.  In the meantime, if you are looking for what is happening around New Orleans be sure to drop on by and check out  Margarita Bergen's FB page.  She is a New Orleans society columnist, who has more excitement in her day then the average person in NOLA.  Trust me, there is always a new adventure from her perspective.  Find out what Margarita and her sidekick Chiquita is up to daily.  In the nearby future, I might start a contest for fun called "Where in N.O. is Margarita Now?", where you have to guess what events that she is going to attend for that night.



  1. I love it. I get so many invitations but sometime my mind says Yes but my body says NO, so my presence will depend on that.
    If anyone want my weekly blog "A Toast to New Orleans," you could e-mail me at margaritabergen@hotmail.com


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