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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Spring Allergies and How to live with them.

Spring brings wonderful things, such as flowers, Easter, warmer weathers, and also seasonal allergies. You have to just embrace the good and the bad. My sinus acts up badly enough to the point that it feels like having a cold. I used to go to the doctor and get shots every Fall and Spring just to be able to breathe. However, I have not had the money to splurge on Dr. visits lately, so my home remedies have been just been the only thing that I can rely on to ease my allergies. One of things that I do is steep ginger and mix in a bit of honey to make a drink. It seems to help with my throat being sore from the sinus drip. There are some really good home remedies that have a bit of science to back them up, but one must always do a bit of research before trying. Not everything will work with everyone. Whereas, one of the most scary ones that I have heard of, is when people ingest Vick's vapor rub. For anyone who does not know Vick's is only used topically and never meant to be ingested. It contains Camphor which is poisonous to the human body.


  1. I know this year my sinuses have been crazy... Thank you for the ginger/honey suggestion. i will have to try that out


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