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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Is it Ok To Brush Your Child's Teeth After They Are Five?

I often compare my parenting style with other parent's and I find that I may do things differently that is not the norm.  Sometimes, I contemplate that perhaps I still coddle my children a lit to bit too much and maybe I should step back a bit and give them more confidence in what they do.  However, I feel more resolved on making sure that they brush their teeth the correct way, since I have been seeing the new ads on television.

My middle son is now six and I still brush his teeth for him if I feel that he did not brush them as well as he should.  He has the general idea down, but he still has trouble with brushing at an angle and getting all of the surface area.  Most parents that I have spoken with say that they let their kids brush their own teeth by themselves, by the time that they are five.  Likewise, I brushed my own teeth by the time that I was five but I ended up with cavities.

Have you seen the new ad campaign?  Right now, there are many ads on TV about making sure that your kids brush their teeth for at least two minutes.  I feel that they are very positive and that they encourage parents to make sure that kids will not end up having dental issues.  I don't know when I would let him brush on his own completely, but in the meantime I will still make sure he brushes all of his teeth and not rush through.


  1. My lil guy brushes his own (he's 6 as well) I usually am in there with him, and if I think he missed any part, i give him a hand...


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