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Friday, May 3, 2013


My Biggest Pet Peeve #CHALLENGETOWRITE. Day 3

You all are going to laugh at me when you read what my biggest pet peeve is.  I have a lot but the biggest one for me is dirty fingernails.  I have four boys and the only one who keeps his tidy is my eighteen year old. The rest of them could care less about their hygiene let alone keeping their nails clean.  Therefore, I have to inspect their nails regularly and try to trim them weekly.  Oh yes, I usually get the "Oh Mom!  Not again..."

Also, I hate that they bite their nails, especially the baby.  He is two and bites his nails.  It is such a filthy habit that I can't break him of!  I think that you can agree with me that our hands and nails are the dirtiest parts of our body.  That is why I don't even like touching my face with my own hands.  I wash my hands constantly, and make my kids wash their hands too.  Their Dad laughs at me (He is a mechanic) for keeping up with them.  He tells me, "Well they are boys, and boys get dirty".  I have heard that so many times and I don't care.  I feel as if you should try to keep your nails clean regardless.  I don't have the money for manicures but I still keep my nails trimmed and clean.   So I will still trim my boys' nails, as long as they will let me, even waiting for them to sleep to do it.  Sounds neurotic or just a normal?  Tell me what bothers you the most and why.

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  1. I trim all 4 of my children's nails. Boys will be boys but not boys with colds b/c of germs from their dirty fingernails. lol

  2. I am with you about hand washing and nails. I am the same way.

  3. My 11-year old son has now learned to trim his nails by himself, but I can't get him to shower especially during weekdays. And he hates it when I keep asking him to brush his teeth. Duh!


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