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Thursday, May 2, 2013


My Favorite Comfort Food #CHALLENGETOWRITE. Day 2

Of all of the world's best comfort food that I can think of, I think that my favorite would be baked macaroni and cheese.  I don't make it very often.  In fact, the only time of the year that we have it is around the holidays.  It is such a wonderful holiday dish.  It is the quintessential of the perfect side dish to go with your main course of ham or turkey.  I just love the creamy, richness of it.  The only problem is the added calories from the cream and cheese that I put into my version of this beloved all-American holiday dish.  I know that there are lighter versions that I could do.  But only the sinful version is what I make.  My children love this dish, and they always go for second helpings or more.  I often go and browse for better versions on Pinterest but I still like my recipe the most.  So what is your favorite comfort food and why?

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  1. Macaroni and cheese is amazing! I have my own recipe for the "good" kind as well - passed to me from my husbands grandmother -- its amazing!

  2. Oh now we are talking!! Baked Mac and Cheese is awesome anytime, what a great comfort food

  3. Oh I love a good mac & cheese. I try to stay away but it does call my name sometimes!

  4. My son loves mac&cheese too! I make one with spinach and spicy ham. It is really good but like you I don't eat it very often.

  5. Baked mac & cheese - a favorite with my kids!

  6. I feel the same! I love baked mac n cheese it's something I do not make often cause of what it requires and how fattening lol It's sooooo good though!


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