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Friday, May 17, 2013


A Graduation Story

My oldest son is almost nineteen and he has just graduated high school this last Thursday.  As I look back, it has been a wonderful journey with raising him.  His father and I hasn't always been on the same page but we  tried our best to put our differences aside to be there for him on his big day.

I have been divorced for thirteen years now, and those thirteen years hasn't been easy with my relationship with his father and stepmother.  We have argued as parents would  over J.'s well being, school, money, etc.  I now know that finances was a big hindrance in our ability to be able to communicate.  I wish that we had been better handle the financial difficulties, and was really relieved when we did not have to argue anymore.

So at the graduation, we were still a little bit uncomfortable at first.  There was a bit of tension and I greeted them with some caution.  However, His stepmother broke the ice and congratulated me.  She told me how awesome it was to have a son who graduated from high school and how proud she was of him.  So I thanked her, and congratulated them on their new baby.  Afterwards, we all decided to all go to his grandparent's house to eat dinner to spend time with Julian before we all leave to go home.

Overall, I had a great evening and I got over my uncomfortable feelings.  I was really happy to be a part of such a big event in my son's life.  I felt as if his father and I were more mature and hopefully next time when we all see each other again, we can all be cordial like we were that night.


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