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Sunday, May 5, 2013


How to save on your Cable Bill

We are living in a post recession and many families are trying to make their dollar stretch.  With this being said, my family is no different.  One of the things that we were trying to save on is movie rentals, and after many discussions we felt that the best alternative would be Netflix.  I have been a Netflix user since they started the mail-order rentals, which was a cost effective way for us to watch movies.  Then, they added the  option for direct streaming.  By doing this their customer base expanded even more.  Since, the majority of what my family watched were movies and TV shows on the stream option, we decided to disconnect our cable completely.  Now, we only have to pay a low monthly subscription to stream shows and movies that we want to watch.   Of course the shows are one season behind, but with the savings and the wide selection available I do not mind the drawbacks so much.

Also, I feel that I have more control of what my children watch on TV, which is nice because  I don't have to worry too much about content.  They have parental controls on their site and even have a children's site when you login from the Wii or PlayStation. If I ever had a problem, their phone support has always been really thorough with getting me answers.  Overall, my experience has been really positive with them, and I know that I will remain a subscriber for years to come.

Photo Credits:  Netflix

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