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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My Youngest Sister and Her Aspiration #CHALLENGETOWRITE 5/20

This is my sister with my middle son.  
The dog is a 40 lb rat terrier sausage

I am the oldest in a family of five children, consisting of two boys and three girls. Of all of my siblings, my youngest sister is the most loving and sweetest child of all of us. I love them all, and they all have different personalities. However, Susan is always the one to help me out when I need her. She has been such a great aunt to my children, spending time with all of them. My parents have six grandchildren all boys, and they all look up to her. My youngest calls her his "Soop".
My two oldest boys and I

Susan is inspired to one day be a nurse or a nun(I think that I kinda gave her that idea since I am also going to be enrolled in nursing school soon). However, that may change because she is still in high school, and most kids change their minds and majors while in college. For now, she volunteers at the local nursing home, and goes there to paint the ladies nails or play bingo with them. She was with girl scouts until her eighth grade, but her schedule has gotten hectic with high school, but she is still involved with our church.

I am so happy to have such a wonderful sister, who is a loving compassionate person to everyone that she meets, and I know that she will grow up one day to be a good steward in our community. However, I just hope that she won't grow up too quickly, because I still enjoy spending quality time with her.


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